Message CET. Piguzovoy


Sheet 227

17 III To send Tempalov K.Piguzov. 17.03.59.
16. III.59
To the Chief of the Ivdel Police Station 17. II. 59, 6 h. 50 m. Local time in the sky appeared not an ordinary phenomenon. Movement of a star with a tail. The tail looked like dense cirrus clouds. Then this star was freed from the tail, became brighter than the stars and flew. It gradually began to swell, forming a large ball, enveloped in a haze. Then inside this ball the star caught fire, from which first a crescent was formed, then a small ball formed, not so bright. The big ball gradually began to fade, became like a blurry spot. At 075 hours it disappeared altogether. A star moved from the south to the northeast.

Meteorologist Tokarev (signature)
Beginning HMS Piguzova (signature)


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