Yuri Alexeevich Krivonischenko (Georgiy)

Born on Feb. 7, 1935, Russian Federation

Yuri is a Slavic adaptation of the Christian name George which has Greek origin (Wikipedia)He studied construction and hydraulics in UPI University, graduated in 1959. While working in Chelyabinsk - 40 a secret nuclear facility he experienced a disaster that became known as Kushtumkoy Accident. On September 29, 1957 plutonium plant experienced radioactive leak. Yuri (or Georgiy) Krivonishenko was among the people who was sent to clean it up. His body will wear clothes that have traces of radioactivity that some trace to this particular event. However being an engineer Yuri had more knowledge about radioactivity than most people at the time and it is highly unlikely that he kept any of the clothes that he was wearing two years prior to the trip. The in-house court jester. He was always looking to amuse his friends with jokes or playing the mandolin. The mandolin he took on the doomed hike was found at the storage shed where the skiers left provisions for their way back.

He was 5 days shy of his 24th birthday when he died.


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