Semyon Alexandrovich Zolotaryov (Sasha)

Born on Feb. 2, 1921, Russian Federation

He was the oldest and also the most mysterious member of the group. A native of North Caucasian Kuban Cossacks he survived the Great Patriotic War serving from October 1941 till May 1946. The survival rate for generation born in 1921- 22 was just 3% so Semyen was a very lucky man in those days. He joined a Communist party after the war. In April 1946 he transferred to Leningrad Military Engineering University. Later he transferred to Minsk Institute of Physical Education (GIFKB). In the early '50s he worked as a guide for the tourist base of "Artybash" in Altai, South Siberia. His real name was Semen while everyone called him “Sasha” or “Alexander”. There is no credible explanation as to why he chose to introduce himself by a different name. Although his carrier might seem usual it is hard to explain certain points in his biography. He could have stayed in the army, but left it. He could have stayed and work as a tourist guide at one tourist base and yet he moves across the country repeatedly without explanation. Additionally being a Cossack from the South it is highly unusual that he never got married, never had any kids and had numerous strange tattoos that he hid under his clothing. These tattoos included his birth year "1921", a military slogan as well as letter Г+С+П=Д. The last was common among Soviet soldiers who served together for a long time. Russian letter "Д" stands for "дружба" or "friendship". Three letters were first letters of the three soldiers. "С" stood for "Семен" or "Semen" in Russian. Others two names are unknown. We can only make guesses.

He died on his 38th birthday.


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