Clipping from "Tagil Worker" newspaper


Tagil Worker's Newspaper(Nizhny Tagil, February 18, 1959


At 6:55 of local time yesterday, in the east-southeast, at an altitude of 20 degrees from the horizon, a glowing ball the size of the apparent diameter of the moon appeared. The ball moved towards the northeast. About seven hours inside it there was a flash, and the very bright core of the ball became visible. He himself began to shine more intensively, and near him appeared a luminous cloud, bent toward the south. The cloud spread to the whole eastern part of the sky. Shortly thereafter, a second outbreak occurred, it looked like a sickle of the Moon. Gradually, the cloud increased, in the center there remained a luminous point (the luminescence was variable in magnitude). The ball moved in the direction east-east-east. The greatest height above the horizon 30 degrees was reached at about 7 hours 05 minutes. Continuing the movement, this unusual celestial phenomenon is weakened and eroded.
Thinking that it was somehow connected with the satellite, I turned on the receiver, but there was no signal reception.
A. Kissel,
Deputy Head of Communications
Vysokogorsky mine


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