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questioning the witness
On April 14, 1959, the prosecutor of the investigative department of the obl. Prosecutor's Office of the Sverdlovsk region Romanov interrogated this question in the regional prosecutor's office as a witness, in compliance with Article 162-168 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR
1. Surname, name and patronymic Slobodin Vladimir Mikhailovich
2. Year of birth 1904 3. Place of birth of the mountains. Kazan
4.Nationality: Russian
5.Partiynost: member. The CPSU since 1944
6. education (which school graduated and when: higher, doctor of economics
7. Occupation: a) currently - the place of work and position: head. Department of the Ural Scientific -Issl. Institute of Agriculture b) at the time to which the testimony refers: the same.
8. Previous conviction: - -
9. Permanent residence (exact address and telephone number): Sverdlovsk, Malysheva 142, ap. 71, Tel. unreadable (also a note "Source" (?))
10. Passport: not with you
11. What is the relationship with the accused: -. -
On the responsibility for the first part of Art. 92 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR for refusing to testify and under Art. 95 Criminal Code of the RSFSR for giving knowingly false testimony is forewarned. Signed.


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The witness was shown by I, Slobodin Vladimir Mikhailovich, the father of Rustem Slobodin, who died with other participants of the tourist group on February 1 this year. in the vicinity of the mountain with a mark of 1079 was informed that the tour of the group Diatlov is organized by the sport club DSO "Burevestnik" at the Ural Polytechnic Institute (chairman LS Gordo) and the Sverdlovsk club of tourists. My son Rustem ... was included in the group headed for the campaign of the highest category of difficulty by these organizations, which is confirmed by the letters of the chairman of the sports club under UPI LS attached to this testimony. Proudly and Deputy Chairman of the Sverdlovsk City Committee for Physical Education and Sport of January 20, 1959

After receiving the news of the death of the tourist group, I went to the city of Ivdel, got acquainted with the organization of searches for bodies of deceased tourists and talked with the chairman of the Ivdelsky City Council, comrade Deryagin Alexander Petrovich. Upon his return to Sverdlovsk he talked with E.P. Maslennikov, who directed the searches at the site of the death of the ... group, thoroughly acquainted himself with ... the orders of the Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport under the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 136 of June 3, 1957 ... on the procedure for organizing and on the duties of the organizers, managers and ... niks tourist trips "and" On the work of route commissions for tourism. "

My son, Rustem, left Sverdlovsk to participate in the campaign on January 23, 1959, that we received from him a postcard sent from the village of Vizhay of the Ivdelsky district (the line is illegible)


Sheet 276


we did not have. Knowing that Diatlov's group was due to return on February 13, after that period I called the sports club under UPI, from where I was first informed that the group could stay up to 15 /II, and for subsequent inquiries, that measures were being taken to find out the reasons for the delay and only on February 20, on my request, I was informed that an airplane had been sent to search for the group. As you know, the tent on the site of the last parking of the group was found only on the 27th of February, i.e. a week after the start of the search. Until that time, after receiving the last news about the group (26 /I), exactly one month passed, during which no one knew anything about the group, its location and what had happened to it. Nobody knew that all the members of the group were killed at the very beginning of the campaign, six days after leaving the initial point. The group's search began 18 days after the disaster, and the place of death was found only 26 days after the accident that caused ... the death. Obviously, with such terms and ... of conducting events to search for the group, it was impossible to count on rendering assistance and saving any of its participants.

The Instruction "On the order of organization and on the duties of organizers, managers and participants of tourist trips" provides for monitoring the preparation and conduct of campaigns. As indicated in paragraph 4, section I of the instruction, the control is carried out in order to improve the quality of campaigns and prevent accidents and accidents. The supervising organizations are on hikes in categories II and III of the difficulty - urban and higher organizations of physical culture and sports, as well as regional and higher organizations of DSO (section V, paragraph 26). (hereinafter the line is illegible)



before the hike, and the observation of the group in the hike for the passage of control points in the target dates, which are set by the route commissions (paragraph 27).

The listed requirements of the instruction, aimed at the prevention of accidents and accidents, were violated by the controlling organization, ... by the city committee for physical culture and sport. The possibility of monitoring the group in was apparently excluded, since no time limits and points were set for the approval of the route, except for points of departure from the initial point (Vizhay settlement) and return to the same point. Thus, the route commission, claiming the route, violated clause 27 of the above instruction and clause 4, subparagraph e) of the instruction "on the work of the route commissions for tourism", which obliges the route commission to inspect ... "the ways and terms of communication of the group ... institutions that organized the trek; points and liaison with control organizations ". The Sverdlovsk City Committee for Physical Culture and Sports did not fulfill its duties as a supervising organization, entrusted to it with the instruction "On the Organization and Obligations of Organizers, Leaders and Participants in Tourist Trips" and authorized the conduct of the campaign in violation of the requirements for monitoring the group on a march by passing control points in the shortest possible time and use of other forms

(... the line is illegible)


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telem of the Ivdelsky City Council, comrade AP Deryagin, he informed me that a lot of tourist groups pass through the mountain-taiga part of the Ivdel region every year. This area is thus the chosen sports organizations of Sverdlovsk and Sverdlovsk region for carrying out tourist hikes especially above the II and III categories of difficulty. Despite this, not a single simple tourist base was created there, the creation of which on tourist routes is required by the Decree of the Presidium of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions on February 1, 1957. The Sverdlovsk City Committee for Physical Culture and Sports did not monitor the implementation of this Decree, which resulted in ... a complete lack of control posts in the mountain taiga areas of the Ivdelsky district, which made it impossible to monitor the group on a march to checkpoints at checkpoints.< /p>

Under such unfavorable conditions, the controlling organization is obliged ... to demand the provision of the tourist group in other ways and means ..., which is provided for in clause 4, subparagraph e) of the instruction "On the work of the route commissions". In this case, for ... opportunities. Three of the ... hikers of the hike, including the head of the group Dyatlov, were students ... of the courses of the radio engineering faculty of the Ural Polytechnic Institute, for whom using a walkie-talkie in a hike would be good practice and which the faculty

(the line is illegible)


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When I asked the employee of the Sverdlovsk Regional Committee of the CPSU, Comrade F.T. Yermash, who participated in organizing the search for the group and summoned the leaders of sports organizations, the question of the reasons for the fact that the tour group Dyatlov was not equipped with a walkie-talkie, he answered me that this is not stipulated by the instruction. This is indeed so. But in both of the above instructions, nothing is said either about the use of the walkie-talkie in the campaign is unacceptable or undesirable. At the same time, as mentioned above, the instruction "On the work of the route commissions" contains a requirement to verify the methods and terms of communication of the group with the institution that organized the campaign and with the supervising organizations. It is not said anywhere that radio communication can not be one way of communication.

In subparagraph (k) of clause 22, section IV of the Instruction "On the order of organization and on the duties of organizers, leaders and participants of tourist trips" ... it is stated that in order to obtain permission for a hike, among other materials, information on the organization of safety along the route , and also where the group expects to seek help if it proves necessary.

In this case, the Sverdlovsk City Committee for Physical Culture and Sports did not monitor the implementation of this instruction requirement. In the absence of control ... stations, points and any dwellings throughout the route in the absence of radio communication and which either

(the line is illegible)



was stripped

and the opportunity to give something to know about yourself and turn to where or for help. The criminal irresponsibility of the leaders of the Sverdlovsk City Committee for Physical Culture and Sports who failed to fulfill any of the requirements for the organization of observation of the group during the campaign and the control over the establishment of methods and terms of communication with the group stipulated by the above two instructions is the main reason for the unprecedented in the history of Soviet tourism the case when no one knew about the death of the whole composition of the tourist group for 26 days.

If the City Committee for Physical Culture and Sports, as a controlling organization, required the equipment of the Dyatlov group with radio communication, in view of the lack of opportunities in this case to use other means of communication, then it would be possible to observe the group on a march ... and it would be known location, ... but could report the event or, if it was not able to do so, the communication breakdown served ... a signal of ill-being with the group, as a result of which immediate inquiries could be organized , people could be ... us, extracted from the snow, and still possible ... to count on the return ... at least a part of them to life. ... he V.V. Dobkovicha "Ski Tourism" ..58 year) indicates that there are known cases when a person extracted from the snow



after 30-40 hours, turned out to be alive (page 59). In this case, monitoring by monitoring the group in a march in order to create the possibility of providing immediate assistance and preventing accidents was particularly necessary, as the route of the Dyatlov's group marched through the terrain, the movement ... which in January and February was dangerous.


In conversation with me on March 3 this year. Chairman of the Ivdel City Council, comrade Deryagin AP said that in February to send tourist groups to the mountains of the Northern Urals is madness. There are frequent sudden hurricanes, in which a man can not restrain himself on his feet. He also said that the usual way of tourists climbing to the top, light, is very dangerous in this period of the year, as the storms fly suddenly and then on the mountain - death. Therefore, local residents - Mansi hunters at the first signs of the approaching Buran hurry to take refuge in the taiga.

If there is no control at all, by monitoring the group ... if there are no control points for communication with the group, as was the case in this ... for the participants of the campaign ... it is important to be able to take advantage of the advice of an experienced person who knows these a forest that knows in time ... to know the first signs of the approaching snowstorm and choose the safest place ... ki at the onset of the snowstorm. This (the line is illegible)


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Vinnik, sent on an expedition to poorly studied areas, did not neglect the services of experienced guides. Przhevalsky, Arseniev and other travelers of world renown always used during their travels and hikes with the advice and directions of guides and learned a lot from them. Without this, they would perish in the first expedition and could not make those major discoveries that gave them glory.

But, as the master of sports in tourism EI told me in a conversation. Maslennikov, when conducting hikes, including the highest category of difficulty, including hiking dangerous for traffic, completely uninhabited localities, in conditions of total lack of communication, it is not allowed to use the services of a conductor, as it allegedly disqualifies the hike. In the official guidance materials on tourism ("Collection of guidance materials on tourism", M. 1958), I have nowhere found any indication of the inadmissibility for tourist groups of using the services of a conductor. If such instructions were given ... or in addition to official materials and the use of the conductor's services is forbidden even when hiking in a dangerous uninhabited area with a complete lack of communication ... this can not be regarded except as a manifestation of adventurism in the organization of tourist campaigns characteristic of capitalist countries with characteristic disregard for life people and the pursuit of sensations without regard for the victims, but it is not at all characteristic of the Soviet system, one of the basic principles of which is caring for people e.

In an interview with me, the chairman of the Ivdelsky City Council, APDeryagin, said that the city council could (the line is illegible)



The number of Mansi hunters, if asked with such a request.

He also told me that although a lot of tourist groups pass through the Ivdel region every year, none of the leaders of Sverdlovsk sports and tourist organizations in Ivdel have been to this day. From him I first heard that about the time when a certain catastrophe happened with a group of Mansi (or hunters), a fireball appeared in the sky. The fact that the fireball was observed by other tourist groups was told to me by E.P. Maslennikov.

The control organization, in this case the Sverdlovsk City Committee for Physical Culture and Sports, also violated point 6 of the instruction "On the work of the route commissions", which states that the team leader, having received the protocol of the route commission, is obliged to hand it over with the list of the group scheme of the route to the organization, which is responsible for monitoring the preparation and conduct of the hike, which only after that has the right to issue him a route book. Sverdlovsk City Committee for Physical Culture and Sports did not comply with this requirement and allowed the group's hike, although the leader I. Dyatlov did not pass the route scheme. As a result, when the group did not return and it was necessary to start searching neither in the City Committee, nor in the sports club of the Polytechnic Institute, there was no route of the trip. Colonel Ortyukov, who had flown in search of the group, was delivered a scheme of the route, which incidentally happened to RS Kolevatova, ... one of the participants of the march.

Based on the above, I, who lost as a result of an irresponsible campaign organization, violating the rules and requirements of control (inaudible)


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Slobodina V.M.

Committee for Physical Culture and Sports Kurochkina VF and Ufimtsev, as well as former chairman of the board of the sports club at the Ural Polytechnic Institute, L. S. Gordo.

I protest against the fact that VFKurochkin, who, being the head of the City Committee for Physical Culture and Sports, failed to ensure the proper and required control of the conduct of tourist trips, which led to the death of the entire Diatlov group, despite this is March 26 this year. was elected at the First City Constituent Conference of the Union of Sports Societies of the City of Sverdlovsk, Chairman of the Presidium of the Council of the Union.

Q. Slobodin (signature)

Prosecutor of the Investigation Department



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