Testimony of forensic expert Vozrozhdenny


Sheet 381

Testimony of forensic expert
May 28, 1959 prosecutor criminologist of the Prosecutor's Office of the Sverdlovsk region ml. counselor of justice Ivanov

interrogated in compliance with Article 169-173 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR as an expert of the below-named, who gave the following information about himself:
1. Surname, name and patronymic Revived Boris Alekseevich
2. Year of birth 1922 3. Place of birth of Gomel, BSSR
4. Education a) indicate which, when and where he graduated from the school: Graduated in 1954 Sverdlovsk state. honey. Institute
b) indicate which, when and where received special training or production qualification in their specialty at the Department of Forensic Medicine
c) whether the works, compositions, inventions, awards for work in their specialty are not present
5. Experience in his field of medical experience since 1954
6. Current position as forensic expert
7. Party membership (if a member of the CPSU, indicate the length of service) b / party
8. Criminal record: we do not judge.
9. Permanent residence (exact address and telephone number): Sverdlovsk, ul. Collective, 5 square 15

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The text of the conclusion of the examination *)

Question: From the action of what kind of force could Tibo get such damage?

Answer: In conclusion, it is indicated that the head injuries in Thibault could have been the result of a throw, fall, or drop of the body. I do not believe that Tybo could have gotten these injuries when falling from a height of his height, that is, that he slipped and hit his head. Extensive, depressed, multi-lobed and very deep (fracture of the arch and base of the skull) fracture can be the result of discarding by a car moving at high speed or with other transport trauma. Such a trauma could have been if Thibault was thrown by a strong wind blow with a drop and a head injury on stones, ice, etc.

Question: Can we assume that Thibaut was hit by a stone that was in the person's hand?

Answer: In this case, soft tissues would be damaged, but this was not detected.

Question: How long did Tibo live after getting injured, could he move independently, talk, etc.?

Answer: After the specified injury Thibault

*) The text should begin with a statement of the questions posed by the investigation and the listing < unintelligible > on the basis of which the conclusion is given. The content of the expert opinion consists of the following parts: 1) a description of the methods and procedures used by the expert < unintelligible > research 2) presentation (description) of the results obtained by the expert 3) < illegible > (answers to questions asked)


Sheet 382

was in a state of severe contusion of the brain, i.e. was unconscious. Moving it was difficult, and in the subsequent time he could not move. I believe that he could not move even if he were led by his arms. He could only be carried or dragged. Signs of life, he could show within 2-3 hours.

Question: How can one explain the origin of the damage in Dubinina and Zolotarev - can they be united by one reason?

Answer: I believe that the nature of the injuries in Dubinina and Zolotarev is a multiple fracture of the ribs: Dubinina's bilateral and symmetrical, Zolotarev's one-sided, and hemorrhage in the cardiac muscle of both Dubinina and Zolotarev with hemorrhage into the pleural cavity testify about their lifetime and are the result of the impact of a large force, approximately the same as that applied to Thibaut. These injuries, namely, in such a pattern and without disturbing the integrity of the soft tissues of the chest, are very similar to the trauma caused by an air blast wave.

Question: How long could Dubinin and Zolotarev live?

Answer: Dubinin's death occurred 10-20 minutes after receiving the injury. She could be conscious. It happens that a man with a wound of the heart (an extensive knife wound) says he is running, asking for help. In Dubinina, the situation was complicated by a traumatic shock caused by a bilateral fracture of the ribs, followed by


Sheet 383

internal bleeding into the pleural cavity. Zolotarev could live longer. It must be taken into account that all of them are trained, physically developed, enduring people. The protocol has been read to me, written correctly.

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Prosecutor forensic expert

ml. counselor of justice / signature /


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