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questioning the witness
April 15, 1959 Prosecutor of the Investigative Department of the Prosecutor's Office Svrdlovskaya region, Romanov, the adviser of justice Romanov of this day in the oblast prosecutor's office, interrogated as a witness, in compliance with Article 162-168 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR
1.Family, name, patronymic Slobtsov Boris Efimovich
2. Year of birth, born in 1939. 3. The birthplace of the city of Sverdlovsk.
4.Nationality is Russian.
5. Party membership of the Komsomol.
6. Education student 381 gr. III course of the Power Engineering Faculty of UPI.
7. Lesson-a) at the present time is the same.
b) at the time the testimony is the same.
8. Previous conviction: we do not judge by words.
9. Permanent Place of Residence: Sverdlovsk, ul. Lenina 13a, apt. 23.
10. The passport does not belong to itself.
11. What is the relationship with the accused: -.
On the responsibility for the first part of Article 92 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR for refusing to testify and under Art. The Criminal Code for giving knowingly false testimony has been warned.
B.Slobtsov signature

The witness showed: I started to study tourism in 1956, i.e. from the time of admission to study at UPI, I am a member of the tourist section of the Institute. I was only in 5 campaigns of the participants of the camping trip of the Dyatlov group, I know, but not all. The group included Zolotarev, whom I did not know. The rest of the participants knew and can say that these people were fully prepared to participate in the winter hike III category difficulties. As I know, this group was prepared satisfactorily for the campaign. One of the drawbacks is only that a copy of the route sheet by the group leader comrade. Dyatlov was not left in the city committee for physical culture and sports, although the deadline for leaving and returning this group to the committee was known according to the protocol of the route commission.
The fact that the group Dyatlova from the campaign did not return during the check-in period, the institute became aware about the middle of February, I do not remember the exact date. The search group first took off on February 20, 1959. The second group, including myself, flew to Ivdel on an airplane on February 22, 1959.
On the scene I flew by helicopter on February 23, 1959. I led the search team. The tent of Dyatlov's group was discovered by our group on the afternoon of February 26, 1959.
When they approached the tent, they found out: the entrance of the tent came from under the snow, and the rest of the tent was under snow. Around the tent in the snow stood ski poles and spare skis - 1 pair. The snow on the tent was 15-20 cm thick, it was clear that the snow was on the tent, it was hard.
Near the tent near the entrance to the snow


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An ice ax was stuck, on the tent of the tent, in the snow lay a pocket flashlight, a Chinese, which, as it was subsequently established, belonged to Dyatlov. It was not clear that under the streetlight there was a snow of about 5-10 cm thick, there was no snow above the flashlight, it was snowed slightly on either side. I took the flashlight first and found that it was not turned on. When I turned on, the snow came on. I did not notice that day, but then I heard from other people involved in the search that there was a trace of urine in the snow near the tent.
In the immediate vicinity of the tent there were no traces. Approximately 15-20 m from the tent in the direction where corpses were subsequently discovered, traces of the person's feet coming from the tent were visible on the snow, and it was evident that the tracks were left by the feet of a man without shoes in boots. The tracks protruded above the surrounding surface of the snow, for near the tracks the snow was blown out by the wind.
From the tent in the direction of the wind, i.e. in the direction where there were traces of people's feet, at a distance of about 0.5-1 meter, they found several slippers from different pairs, and ski caps and other small objects were scattered. I do not remember and did not pay attention to how many people were traces, but it should be noted that the tracks were initially left intact, next to each other, and the distant traces diverged, but now they do not remember how they parted.
On February 26, 1959, we dug snow over the tent and made sure that there were no people, and the things that were in the tent did not touch. With me was the student Sharavin. From the tent things were taken on February 27 and 28, 1959. At the same time students Brusnitsin and others were present.
When I looked under the tent on 26.2.59 I saw the tent itself was torn, there were food in the bucket at the entrance, there was a liquid in the jar-alcohol or vodka, there were food in the bags in the legs, the blankets were unfolded, under the blankets spread out cotton woolen jackets, storm bags, and under them rasstalany were backpacks. At the entrance hung Slobodin's jacket, in whose breast pocket money was about 800 rubles. In the tent, apparently, a sheet was hung, which was torn and part of it protruded outward.

Question: What can you add to your testimony?

Answer: How and where the corpses were found, I will not tell, because it is known from the testimony of others, but I can note that the cedar, under which the corpses of Doroshenko and Krivonischenko were found, I saw how Mansi Bakhtiarov found in snow 8 rubles. money in bills of 5 and 3 rubles. in a folded form, but without me they found a coin in the same place at 5 cents, a cowboy whole, in a simple simple cotton sock, a piece of sweater, a handkerchief. Personally, I saw how under this cedar was found a cloth belt of dark color with tambourines at the ends. This item belongs to whom I did not know. The length of this object is about 80 cm, the width is about 10 cm, looks like a belt or strap, with which the Mansi pulls the load, but this object for use instead of the strap is not good, because it is not strong.

Question: Who and under what circumstances found the database of the group Dyatlov, what was there?


Sheet 300

Continuation of the show. Slobtsova
Answer: Now I do not remember the exact date, but February 28 or March 1, I, Brusnitsin and Lebedev in the upper reaches of the Auspii River found a pool of the Dyatlov group. With us there were 2 more Mansi people. Labaz was organized in the penultimate parking lot, where were left: a pair of spare skis, leggings, in the snow in the pit there were products, about 60 kg, Dyatlov's boots and spare ski boots, in shoes found cotton frosted socks, apparently they were left wet. There was also the mandolin of Krivonischenko.

Slobtsov (signature)
Interrogated: Romanov (signature)


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