Novikov witness testimony


Sheet 266

The protocol of the witness's interrogation ... by the prosecutor of Ivdel, ml by Justice Adviser Tempalov ...

Novikov Alexander Stepanovich, born in 1929, soldier, Military Unit 6602 "B", member. CPSU, Russian, identity card 7374, special secondary education ...

The witness showed: on February 17, 1959, at 6.40 am, from the south, I noticed a ball of bright white cet which was periodically enveloped in a white thick fog. Inside this cloud a bright luminous point the size of an asterisk was observed. Periodically decreased and increased in volume. The balloon moved from south to north. The movement of the ball was observed for 8-12 m.

The record of the interrogation was made by myself on April 7, 1959

Novikov (signature)
Prosecutor Mr. Ivdel Tempalov (signature)


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