Mokrushin witness testimony


Sheet 221

questioning the witness
On March 14, 1959, the prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of the city of Ivdel in the Sverdlovsk Region, counselor of justice Tempalov interrogated in the office

as a witness, in compliance with Article 162-168 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR
1. Surname, name and patronymic Mikhail Ankarevich Mokrushin
2. Year of birth 1922 3. Place of birth of Ivdel, Sverdlovsk region
4.Nationality: Russian
5.Party: b /n
6. Education (which school graduated and when: 7 cells
7. Occupation: a) Currently - the place of work and position: Chairman of the Burmese Council c) at the time the testimony refers to: too.
8. Criminal record: we do not judge.
9. Permanent residence (exact address and telephone number): Ivdel pos. Burmantovo
10. Passport: does not have with itself
11. What is the relationship with the accused: stranger
On the responsibility for the first part of Art. 92 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR for refusing to testify and under Art. 95 Criminal Code of the RSFSR for giving knowingly false testimony is forewarned. Signature (???).


The witness showed that I clarified the essence of the questions asked. I have been working as chairman of the Burmanta Council since 1950 to the present. With the village. Mansiysk Vizha with yurt Bakhtiyarov in the village. Burmantovo arrived Mansi on February 7, 1959, about this time. Burm came Bakhtiyarov Nikolai Yakimovich, Bakhtiyarov Peter Yakimovich. They came to visit in. Burmantovo, because they have their own uncle here, Bakhtiarov Ilya Ivanovich, lame on one leg.

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In with. Burmantovo stayed with his uncle for a few days and then went to visit his relatives in the village. Suevat-Paul, which is 40 km away. from with. Burmantovo to the north. Bakhtiyarov Petr Yakimovich returned to the village. Burmantovo 16 /II-59 years. I know for sure. /signature /The fact that Bakhtiyarov Peter and Nikolai were visiting as Burmantovo, as well as in the village of Suevat Paul about 8 days, I know for sure. February 17, 1959 in the morning about 10 hours. In the morning Pyotr Yakimovich Bakhtiyarov came to my office to ask me for old newspapers in order to smoke. I gave him newspapers. We talked with him about the fact that about half of the deer -


Sheet 222

his herds died in the Ural mountains in all Mansi in view of the disease as they call the "hoof" and the wolves approached these dead deer and now there are a lot of wolves on the urals in the winter and these wolves attack the living deer and bully them. He said that how many wolves were pulled by deer. Bakhtiyarov Peter said that the deer were in his possession, in Mansi, where deer were 40-45 km from the yurts of Sev. Tosheki from the yurt Bakhtiyarov Peter to the river. Northern Toshka distance 20 km.

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Pyotr Bakhtiyarov also spoke about the fact that there is one mountain with which one person blew away, what kind of person he does not know. I asked how he knew about that mountain. He said that this mountain is located from their yurts in 40 km. And his father was a shepherd of the Urals and told that one man had blown off this mountain. Petr Yakimovich said that he heard this from his native father Bakhtiyarov Yakim Ivanovich, who died in 1939 and was buried. About the fact that Bakhtiyarov himself Peter saw how he blew the man off the mountain, he did not tell me. I do not know anything about the loss of tourists and Pyotr Yakimovich did not mention them to me. I learned about the loss of tourists and the search for them in the executive committee of the City Council

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28 /II-59 g. Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the City Council Comrade. Karandashev V.N. when he asked me about the loss of tourists 7 /III 59 g. I told him that I was 17 /II 59. Bakhtiyarov P.Ya. told that the man was blown off the mountain. Comrade. Pencilshev did not ask me when he was blown away and I did not say. And if he asked me when and where it happened, t. I would tell him that this was heard by Bakhtiyarov Peter from his father who died in 1939.

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I do not think that the Mansi attacked the tourists and they were killed. I live in the village. Burmantovo since 1945 and there was no case that they attacked the Russians and did not hear any threats from them, although I almost forcibly took their children from them to study at school or to a hospital. I personally know that the Mansi were freezing near their dead beast - moose. These cases were. So it was in 1947. Often Mansi is taken by geologists and never had a bad opinion of them. I know the prayer stone Mansi is (strikethrough word) in the upper reaches of the river. See, and not in the upper reaches of the river. Lozvy.

I can not add anything more correctly, I personally read it.


Prosecutor of the city of Ivdel signature


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