(Ch.) M. Zhiltsov witness testimony


sheet 94

the USSR

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sverdlovsk region


The interrogation started March 12, 1959

I, the prosecutor criminologist Ivanov

He interrogated as a witness

1. Last name, first name and patronymic: Tenants Frol Minayevich (?)
2. The year of birth. 1922
3. Place of birth. Orel Brasovsky rn, p. Suptinskoe (?)
4. Address pos. Kr. October and (inaudible) region
5. Party.
6. Nat. Russian
7. CET.
8. passport et al. Papers x III 78 496 968
9. Education: Classes 7
10. Profession and specialty: Inaudible
15. judged not

Yesterday, 11 / III-'59, I was in the house of the Northern Expedition visitors. In the evening visitors in the house went 2 persons for Mansi nationality. Both are dressed in Russian - one in the demi-season coat, and the other in a short coat.

One of them was to write something, and when he had finished writing, then signed a letter in an envelope. Addresses are not written, and transmits the second Mansi.

Even when Mansi wrote a letter, I saw the name Kurikova. What is reported in the letter, I do not know. Muncie left immediately.

In the corridor I met the visitors at home our Party organizer Koutova (?), And said that was unknown to me and that the Mansi-by wrote. This morning these Mansi met.

Hatascheeva surname (?) I Koutovu (Kortowo?) Is not called and Hatascheev (?) In the house of visitors to this day has not, at least I have not seen him.


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