Chernyshov witness testimony


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Chernyshova witness interrogation protocol

March 11, 1959 the public prosecutor-criminalist of the Sverdlovsk region Ivanov questioned in Chernyshova apartment as a witness, in compliance with art. 162-168 Code of Criminal Procedure
1. Last name, first name and patronymic of Alexey Chernyshov
2. Year of birth 1918
3. Place of birth: e. Varigovo Verhonizhensky district, Kirov region
4. Nationality Russian.
5. Partisanship b / Party
6. Education: 9th grade.
7. Lesson: a) in the crust. time assistant. Chief of Staff in / hr 6602 training.
b) at the time to which the evidence: there, Captain.
8. Conviction: do not judge.
8. Permanent residence: Ivdel Str. Pavlik Morozov, 26
9. Passport: -
10. In what ways is the accused: -
On the responsibility of the first part of Art. 92 of the RSFSR Criminal Code for refusing to testify and under Art. 95 RSFSR Criminal Code for knowingly giving false testimony.
Chernyshov (signature)

The witness testified: 25.02-59, in the 7 pm to me approached the commander of our unit so Bulygin and offered to go with him to the hotel.. On the way he told me that I have to lead a search party to search for the missing tourists.
The hotel had a lot of friends, I did not know before:. Colonel Ortyukov, Maslennikov, Vishnevsky, etc. We began to discuss the research plan. This plan for me was limited to what I have to form a search party of 5-6 people and be ready to fly 13.00 26.02-59 to the area of the route group Dyatlov.
In my group were: Captain Vlasov, Sergeant Sidorov, Art. Verkhovskii sergeant and a civilian Yablonsky. All these comrades do not just live in the forest, all the hunters, trackers. All food has been taken for 7 days.
The group task was to find traces Dyatlov group. We were supposed to land in the upper reaches of the river PURM, about 25 km from the top of the pass, "1079", go pass and explore the upper reaches of the river Vishera. In the future, to move along the ridge directly south. In the upper Vishera we were supposed to meet with a group of Slobtsova. We flew out of 26.02-59 and landed in a designated area of ​​the route. On the second day we went out to the pass, and got off the plane pennant of the plan change. Pennant reported that in the area of ​​the height "1079" found Tent Dyatlov and two bodies. We were offered a move towards the heights of "1079" and "880", we have been to this place kilobytes

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25 meters next stay Dyatlov group in your area, we have not found. The route, approximately 16.00 27.02 we found the helicopter, which we took on board and landed in the tent Dyatlov.
There was a group of tents already Slobtsova, Karelin, there was Maslennikov.
Search On this day Moses with dogs and they found the same day the body of Kolmogorov and Dyatlov.
On the second day of the search parties, and I'm the Attorney Tempalovym and with it up to 10 people went to the excavation tents were organized.
The tent was found on the slope of the peak "1079", 100-150 meters from the top of the north-east. At first glance it seemed a snow-covered tent, but when we looked at it, saw that the tent by the entrance was kept at the central peg and was well fortified with ropes. Its other edge is also kept at the stake, but because The middle of the tent was littered with snow, and the slopes of the tents on the windward side were severely disrupted, the edge of the fallen and was under the snow.
The tent was impossible to shove, as all of it was covered with snow, and how things could have been arranged to consider only in digging toward her. The tent was set capitally. The snow was prepared flat ground, put on snow skis sliding surface up, they were lying bottom of the tent. At the very bottom of the tent were put jackets (in the direction of the slope), empty backpacks were laid out on the tent. At the same side of the tent (the slope) each lay

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personal belongings. In the right corner portion lying near the entrance of products:. Banks condensed milk, concentrates, etc. along the tent side slope 8 are pairs of shoes, and 7 pcs. boots. Oven located approximately in the middle of the tent and disassembled in a case. In general, in the tent were almost all personal belongings of tourists and public equipment: bucket, axes, clubs, cups. Whose backpack was lying in what place I do not know, comrades, who knew what lay called the owners of things, and I do not know.
At the top of the tent allegedly lying flashlight in China, and a camera, but I did not see it. On examination, the impression of the tent that tourists orderly left the tent.
Tent Dyatlov was located on the northeast slope of the mountain, "1079", and the slope down and passed into the ravine. The slope represented the uneven lowering traversed across several stone ridges running parallel.
Starting from the tent of 30-40 meters found explicit, clearly distinguishable traces of human feet. Traces stretched parallel chains close to each other, as if people were holding on to each other. Footprints stretched like two directions - 6 or 7 pairs of traces, we counted on the tent down to the valley, and to the left of them, 20 meters, went even 2 pairs of traces. Then these tracks (2 and 7 bp) meters 30-40 come together and do not diverge.

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On the stony ridges traces have disappeared, and below stones they appeared again, and then lost. The tracks were very well distinguished. In separate tracks could be seen that the man was walking barefoot or in one or cotton socks, because imprinted toes.
Due to peculiarities of the winds in the mountains well preserved traces, and they are not visible in the form of depressions and elevations in the form of bars - the snow is compressed under the track and not blown out, and the snow is blown around the tracks. Under the influence of sunlight snow trail further hardens and in this form is stored through the winter. Below is all the one track in the boot was visible. Very good etched heel and the heel portion, and the intermediate part is not printed.
All the tracks were in direction of the forest, which began in a hollow on the right. There subsequently and the bodies were found. I did not discover the bodies, but each of them I was coming.
In one and a half kilometers away from the tent down the hill stands a cedar. Still short of its 20 meters was found with a knife cuts firs. 6-7 pieces was cut. firs, apparently to ignite a fire or litter. Next cedar was divorced fire there were two bodies. The fire had burned the branches as thick as 8-10 cm. Bottom cedar as it can get a person, branches were broken off completely. Also one knot was broken at a height of 4-5 meters. The branches were broken thick, such knots can break off only with great effort, if, for example, to hang them all over.

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Another body - a fifth managed to find only a few days. Probing the snow with metal probes at a wearisome work to no avail.
It can be assumed that in addition to the fire and found Doroshenko Krivonischenko were other persons as campfire found scraps of clothing that does not exist in these bodies, but other people we did not find. At the foot of the bodies were found knives and campfire trees were cut with a knife.

Question: Were there any other traces of human or animal bodies, or the tent?

Answer: There was no trace. I have not seen here are the dog or wolf tracks, as some said. Was really one track further from the tent, about the stones on top. But it is this our search dogs.

Question: Could we have the data to someone specific conditions to come back to the tent, so that no traces, in particular, whether to leave Mansi?

Answer: If Mansi came there on their skis, the trace would be left. They do not leave traces of skis. The slope above the tent naked.

Q: Do you admit the idea of ​​an attack on a group of Mansi?

A: I do not accept this idea. For many years, I do not know a single case of an attack on the Mansi people. By the nature of the service I had all the time to meet with the Mansi in a variety of conditions, I had to talk to them

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on hunting issues of life. They are always willing to meet, hospitable people. With us, they work together to help detain the escapees. Hostile towards us, they do not show. I do not know what and when Mansi celebrate religious holidays, but in the area I have not heard that there have sacred places in the mountains, "1079".

Q: What are in your opinion the reasons for the abandonment of the tent?

Answer: Just like all I do not understand the reasons for leaving the group tents. Something made them flee the tent, and so quickly, that it had some even go not through the door, and through the incision, which for that someone made. People were walking in his socks, Slobodin was one boots, but still went to the tent. Maybe they drove the wind, but they are not rolled in the snow - in this case, there would be no.

Question: Have you ever used to be in these places, what is the weather in the area?

A: Previously, I was not in that area, but I only know that the weather there is very unstable, frequent belief that blow with hurricane force. In the camp, I spent 12 days in the same period was only two quiet days, and it is relatively quiet. Usually the power of the wind on the pass is not less than 15-20 m / s.

I have personally read the protocol, recorded correctly. Tchernyshov (signature) Attorney forensic ml advisor yustiii A Ivanov (signature)


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