E. P. Lopatin witness testimony


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Minutes of witness interrogation

March 9, 1959 Office of Public Prosecutor Attorney Ivdel district of Sverdlovsk region mL. Tempalov justice adviser in the office of the public prosecutor interrogated as a witness, in compliance with the Code of Criminal Procedure st.162-168 1. Last name, first name and patronymic Lopatin Elizabeth P. 2. Year of Birth 1913 Place of Birth 3. Ivdel 4.Natsionalnost: Russian 5.Partiynost : b / n 6. education (a school and when he graduated from the 7 cells 7. Lesson: a) at the moment - the place of work and position: communication office telegraph operator b) at the time to which the evidence: too. 8. Conviction: the words are not judged 9.Postoyannoe residence (exact address and phone number): Ivdel street. October embankment d. № 32 10. Passport: with no 11. In what ways is the accused: a stranger On responsibility for the first part of Art. 92 of the RSFSR Criminal Code for refusing to testify and under Art. 95 RSFSR Criminal Code for knowingly giving false testimony. Signature.


The witness to the questions posed explained in the month of April at the end of my brother Lopatin Dmitry Pavlovich went on the hunt for ducks on the river. Lozvy boating. With him I went my father Pavel Lopatin Mansi one and his son Nicholas. Both Mansi alive anymore. That was in 1934. Father went back on the boat with Mansi Mansi and his son went to my brother back. Near the village. Sobyanin (?) Brother in the morning the boat was not there. my father started asking Mansi, where his son, Dmitri. That Mansi said that they were in the boat capsized and he drowned in the river. The boat was really upside down as my father told me. Then the father said to the police and his brother began to look at the river Lozvy where it drowned brother from Ivdel 40 km in all. But since his brother was never found. Brother was found just after 6 years in the river when they began to blow the forest jam. My brother Lopatin Benedict rode his brother and found him buried in the village. Sobyanin. brother body examined by a doctor, I do not know the name, and he made a comment that my brother was killed, signs of violent death

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not available. Mansi drowned if my brother is, nobody knows. Father drove my vet immediately. Mansi those who went hunting with my father and brother now live there. My father lives in Ivdel on the street. Frunze d. № 17.

These Mansi father and my brother was well known and been friends with them. As my father did not have any quarrels. When his brother was found in the river's feet and hands were not tied it.

Properly recorded, I have read


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