E. I. Chagin witness testimony


sheet 51

Witness interrogation protocol Chagin

7 March 1959 investigator Ivdelsky district of Sverdlovsk region Lawyer 1 cells. Kuzminih questioned indoors Vizhayskogo Lagotdeleniya POB 240 as a witness to meet art. Art. 162-168 Code of Criminal Procedure
1. Last name, first name Yegor Ivanovich Chagin
2. Year of birth 1874
3. Place of birth Permskaya area Nyrymsky area d. Dia.
4. Nationality Russian.
5. Partisanship b / n.
6. Education: autodidact.
7. Lesson - now - retired. At the time, to which the evidence - too.
8. Conviction - do not judge.
9. Domicile: Pos Vijay Ivdelsky District
10. Passport: when does not Hanh.
11. In what ways is the accused -
On the responsibility of the first part of Art. 92 of the RSFSR Criminal Code for refusing to testify and under Art. 95 RSFSR Criminal Code for giving false testimony. Chagin (Signed)

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The witness testified: In Ivdelsky area I live since 1930. From an early age until 1953 he was engaged in hunting. Nationalism monkey I know well because I had to meet with him in the hunt and they often call in to me as a hunter. It is also well known to me and their lives, habits and customs, rituals. There was no case to ever they attacked me and other hunters of Russian nationality. Always they are friendly to the Russian and showed hospitality to all. In the area where the tourists were killed in Mansi no molebens and sacred places are not. Certain days of holidays they do not have. Mansi holidays celebrated at any time with a big booty and especially when kill a bear or other valuable animals. Ural Mountains and the climate in the area is well known for its me, t. To. Have had to go there to hunt. 3 times I have visited the Ural Mountains in harsh environments and to wait loschiah strong winds and hurricanes to snowstorms., Since there is strength Setra such that a clean place knocks man, and takes in the low places.
A group of tourists, who died in the Ural mountains, I vizhel in the village. Vijay and they treated me like a hunter. Signature: Chagin

sheet 52

And wondered how best to go to the mountain Chistop. I told them about it and advised them to go through the hundredth kilometer ie quarter, as there would be better to go for expensive cars. But they did not listen to me, and left for 41 quarter and 2 northern mine.
The fact that they were killed, I learned from the village citizens Vijay. Tourists killed because it seems to me that there was a strong hurricane, and they are probably at the time asleep and heard his frightened and povyskakivali of the tent, as the hurricane knocked down and swept down into the ravine. In early February in the village, too, Vijay was a strong wind and storm, and on the mountain Urals the more the wind was strong.
More supplement can not do anything. With my words properly recorded and I read aloud.

Signature: Chagin.
Questioned pom. Attorney Ivdel, lawyer 1 cells. Kuzminih


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