I. V. Pashin witness testimony


Sheet 49

Witness interrogation protocol Flank

March 7, 1959 investigator Ivdelsky district of Sverdlovsk region Lawyer 1 cells. Kuzminih questioned indoors Vizhayskogo lagotdeleniya as a witness in compliance with Articles 162-168 Code of Criminal Procedure

1. Name Pashin Ivan Vasilyevich
2. Year of birth 1908.
3. Place of birth Permskaya Obl., Nerybsky area d. Shaytanovka.
4. Nationality Russian.
5. Party affiliation no
6. Education no
Lesson 7. a) currently Vizhayskogo forester forestry,
b) at the time, which includes the same indications.
8. Criminal record no
9. Domicile Pos. Vijay Ivdelsky area
10. At passport does not matter.
11. In what ways is the defendant -.

On the responsibility of the first part of Art. 92 of the RSFSR Criminal Code for refusing to testify and under Art. 95 RSFSR Criminal Code for giving false testimony.

The witness testified: February 23, 1959 consisting of 6 persons have disembarked from the helicopter to the area of ​​the mountains to find lost Ottortenn groups of tourists. On the first day of searching, once descended into the Aspiyu find skiing tourists. Here we have arranged a tent the night, divided into three groups and went to look for the tourists, as a result of searches found a tent with the things that could be seen as the bad it is covered with snow, we did not go into the tent. The tent was found in the upper reaches of the river and Auspii Lozvy at the height of the mountain verhuspiya. When we went down to Mantveevskoy Parma then we saw a trail wide skis, which went on the trail of a moose. Nedohodya the tent tourists in the 10 km of tracks to door Mansi was gone and ski tourists near the tent is also not seen as it snowed. On the fifth day of our search we found 4 people snow-covered and on this day we were taken out by helicopter and taken home in the village. Vijay. The first stop of tourists, we found about a / m and from 17 to Lozvy / m 20. At one kilometer from the first parking lot we saw tourists parked Mansi where they herded the deer but it was later than the destruction of tourists from the place of their death at a distance because they had


fresh tracks, and visitors parking lot was kind of old. Mountain, about which tourists are sacred Mansi peoples and their places of this mountain very far by Vijay River were found. Muncie attack the tourists could not, on the contrary knowing their customs they might even render Russian assistance. There were cases that in these places people go astray Mansi exported to himself and created conditions of life their diet. I believe that at this time when we were there was a strong wind and blown off the mountain. Around the time when tourists were killed in the village even Vijay was a strong wind and storm, from which the children were falling. I am a hunter from an early age these places I know well, and I remember that there were cases of strong winds killed people. I myself had to go there and during the wind up to 6 days without food sitting in the hollows expected when the end in the wind. When we were taken to the Mansi search area ie profit on their reindeer with relatives Kurikovy Suevat Paul, they behave normally and what or fear on their part of the made with the tourists did not show, but on the contrary they are very sorry provided vigorous assistance in their quest.

Interviewee Pashin (signature)

Questioned pom. Attorney Lawyer Ivdel 2 Cl. Kuzminih (signature)


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