V. M. Popov witness testimony


sheet 48

Popov witness interrogation protocol.
Examination Place: Village. Vijay
interrogation began February 6, 1959, completed February 6, 1959
I, Head of the Midnight village police Captain Chudinov
questioning as a witness
1.Familiya, name and patronymic: Vasily Popov
2.God Birth: 1908
3. Place of birth: Kurgan region Kargapolsky District with. Kargapole
4. Address: Village Vijay Ivdel
5. Partisanship: chl.KPSS
6. Nationality: Russian.
7. Citizenship (nationality) of the USSR.
8. Passport or other documents: a passport with them do not have
9. Education: 4 cells.
10. Place of work and position (occupation): Head of the Communications Vizhayskogo lesootdeleniya.
11. Conviction: do not judge.
On criminal responsibility ... warned.

Turnover sheet 48:

The witness testified: In the second half of January 1959 at the Village Vijay I saw two groups of tourists.
Which were sent to the area of the Ural mountain range, personal conversations with them had not.
At the beginning of February 1959 there were strong winds in the village of Vijay.
The wind lifted the snow mass and inflicted drifts (although there was virtually no rainfall, have been entered in the open road. I live in the village in 1951 Vijay such winds do not remember what was in the beginning of February 1959

Written own
for what I undersign signature (Popov)
Interrogator signature (Chudinov)


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