Dryahlih witness testimony


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Minutes of examination of witnesses March 5, 1959 Prosecutor Ivdel ml. Counselor of Justice questioned the prosecutor's office Ivdel as a witness, in compliance with Articles 162-268 Code of Criminal Procedure
1. Name Dryahlih Mihail Timofeevich
2. Year of birth 1902
3. Place of birth with. Suisse Syuisinsky District Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
4. Nationality Russian.
5. Party affiliation tsp. CPSU.
6. Formation of N / A.
Lesson 7. a) at present - Energolesokombinat Acting engineer.
8. The record is not tried.
9. Domicile Ivdel Str. Trosheva, d.№ 11.
10. The passport is not included.
11. In what ways is the accused outsider.
On the responsibility of the first part of Art. 92 of the RSFSR Criminal Code for refusing to testify and under Article 95 of the RSFSR Criminal Code for knowingly giving false testimony
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The witness: On the questions posed explain. From January 24 to February 1, 1959, inclusive, I was on a business trip on business by 41 quarter where energolesokombinata Ivdel logging. There we have 50 people working lives. The village is from the village. Vijay due north 40 km. January 27, 1959 at 5:00 in the evening of the day by car from the village. Vijay came a group of tourists in the amount of 10 people. With skis and things. Skis they had 10 and each of the backpack. Their last names, and the name I do not know. They stopped in a hostel together with the workers. In the evening I went to the hostel and saw this group of tourists, and one of them I had a brief conversation about their movement. The student said he set off on the 2nd North mine, and then to the ridge of the Urals, specifically did not say, and back along the Ural Mountains and reach the village. Vijay again. The conversation we ended. January 28, 1959 morning, two horses were sent lesouchastka 2 North mine for iron pipes where working Velikyavichus Stanislav was sent. At these free horses were taken away by tourists things. January 29, I met in the barracks 41 quarter

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working Velikyavichusa which brought unload tube. I asked him how they got there. He replied that he arrived safely. That brought back a student, he did not tell me and I did not ask, and this student did not personally seen. During the last days of my trip in the forest was a strong wind from the snowfall and the roads to clean places were all strongly pereduty and needed a thorough cleaning of their bulldozers. And I went home, too, was a breeze, and the air temperature was below zero Bole 30 °. Such winds I rarely observed in the area though I live here for 32 years. And most of the students before January 21, 1959 I have not heard. January 21 I was summoned to the Civil Party comrade. Prodanov IS and said that a group of tourists lost students and their need to find. 21/02/59 I was. student of one of the Polytechnic Institute, his name I do not know, Aircraft commander Spitsin navigator and flew on an airplane "Yak" in the direction of the village. Vijay, thence up the river. Lozvy through the village. 41 quarter, the 2nd North Mine sat. mine - to the mouth. Auspiya, up to p. Auspiya. Then returned back through the 2nd planting the mine and the village. 41 quarter turn to North. Toshemku west, flew to the Ural mountain range with the aim to fly past and explore the western slope, but there were clouds and strong wind, and we returned to the airport in the city of Ivdel.
22.02.-59, I again flew by helicopter to the Institute representative Proudly made landing on the village. Vijay, which took the forester Alexander Ivanovich Kuznetsov and flew to the North. Toshemku the yurt Alexander Prokopyevich Anyamova (Mansi) There sat. Anyamov said that he had none of the tourists did not stop and did not go through. Then we flew to the top of the river Vijay above Anchucha inflows. Then we landed and Kuznetsov I went to the tent, which was 5 yurts Mansi Bakhtiyarovs Peter Jakovljevic, Nikita and Nicholas. Where they learned that the students drank tea, but do not spend the night in Mansi Bakhtiyarova Peter Jakovljevic about 16 days ago. Said Katherine Mansi, and the men, she said that night 21.02.59 year left on deer in the woods to the Urals for meat. The fact that 9 days Bakhtiyarova absent in yurts we do not know and no one we spoke. We again got up and flew to the West to the Urals and saw a clear trail sleds Mansi going west to the Urals on the river yurt Bakhtiyarovs Vizhaya 1.5 km. Traces of tourists, we have not found. More I can not add anything. Properly recorded, I personally read.

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