Alexander Sergeievich Kolevatov

Born on Nov. 16, 1934, Russian Federation

A student of nuclear physics, he was a 4th year student as a Physics Major at the UPI University. Prior to moving to Sverdlovsk he finished the Sverdlovsk Mining and Metallurgy College majoring in metallurgy of heavy nonferrous metals. He distinguished himself as a good student and moved to Moscow to work in the secret institute of the Ministry of Medium Machine Building that was called merely by its serial number of I 3394 . Later he moved to the Research Institute of Inorganic Materials that was engaged in producing materials for the growing nuclear industry. In 1956 he moved back to Sverdlovsk and joined UPI. He was a cautious, studious person who enjoyed smoking antique pipes. His friends described him as diligent, pedantic, and methodical with clear leadership qualities.

He was 24 years old when he died.


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